Some Things for Sellers to Consider

Hello! So, there may be some interest in selling your home.  Ok! Before I go further, I'd like to ask you a few questions, if you don't mind.

  • Do you want to get the maximum return for your home?
  • Would you like to do this in the shortest amount of time?
  • Is doing this with a minimum amount of stress of interest to you?

You may be saying to yourself, “Of course!”. But wait, if I might, let me say something. All listings of properties for sale are not the same. Again, you may say, “Of Course they’re not, they’re for different properties”.

Stop for a moment and look at the picture below. As you do make sure you read all the labels in black.

Did you know that 7 out of 10 listings that are Delayed or Don’t Happen are related to issues surrounding one of more of these items?


Let’s look at an example.

John and Mary decide to sell their home and move to Florida. They’ve lived in the home, raised their children there, and had many wonderful times, which gave a perceived value to their property. Besides this, for the past 10 years both have been working significant amounts of time each week. Due to time constraints from being in the workforce some of the things John planned to do around the house slipped to the back burner.

They have found the home they would like to buy and because they don’t have great savings, they need to sell their home quickly to be able to purchase their new retirement home.

John and Mary sit down and after going over the numbers decide the price they want and put their house on the market for sale quickly. They are very excited because they are already dreaming of walking the beaches and sitting in ocean side bistros sipping latte’s and soaking up the sun.

Three weeks pass and John and Mary are getting a bit nervous. Their realtor in Florida has just called and said there is another offer coming in soon, so if they want their dream home they’ve got to act quickly. What are we going to do, they muse? The one buyer who viewed their property said there were too many things they would have to do before moving in and decided to look for another property.

John and Mary are getting discouraged. As time passes their dream home gets sold and they look for another, hoping all the while to get a buyer for their home. John and Mary are wondering, how come we aren’t having any luck getting folks who want to purchase our property? “Maybe we should lower our price”, says John.

They agree and do it, but still no luck. After 3 months they’ve lowered their price by 20%. A touch of panic seeps into John’s normally quiet core.


In a cold sweat, John sits bolt upright in bed. As the fog of sleep lifts from his mind, he feels Mary stir beside him, awakened by John’s quick motion of sitting up in bed.

“John, Is something wrong?”, Mary replies.

“It was just a bad dream Mary, go back to sleep”, says John.


For some, this scenario may not be... just a bad dream.

There are many aspects to a property listing and sale which demand scrutiny, so that something like what happened in John’s dream doesn’t happen to you as a seller in real life

Relative to our simple example here is why something like John’s dream could happen.

At any moment in time there are only so many perspective buyers. If they come to the market and decide that your property is not quite what they want because it has not been prepared and made ready to compete with all other similar properties on the market, it may be passed over. If this occurs you will have to wait for a new buyer or buyers to come into the pool to view your property, and hopefully purchase it. But your property may still not be the shiniest apple in the pool of homes for sale.

Can anything be done?

First let me say, Yes! to this question.

Property preparation can mean the difference between your property sitting on the market for six months and it’s selling within times as short as a week. These time frames are real.

In the past year, we have seen properties prepared for market receive written offers within as little as a week. As with this scenario, the other issues: boundaries, chain of title and deed, can have similar consequences resulting in delays and not selling.

We can’t stress the importance of considering these issues when it’s your time to list and sell your property.

Here at Century 21 Winn Associates we offer comprehensive preparation and follow through to make your Listing and Selling Process a smooth transaction. We strive to make your outcome as close as possible to your desired return and have, in some instances, even exceeded that expectation. Lastly, we will guide you through the process relieving you of as much stress as possible.

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Thanks for listening and we hope you have a nice day.

We’re here for you.