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11/07/2017 - btstheater

Bought a Single Family home in 2017 in Carrol, NH

Words can’t begin to express the gratitude I have for Michael Gadarowski on my recent real estate transaction. Michael’s constant continuing education reflected in all aspects of the sale. Everything from area knowledge, to contacts, to contracts, to laws regarding the complete  transaction. Michael not only went the extra step in the negotiations, but the second, and third. He always pushed me to never settle. However, technology and “things” are by no means the total picture. Buying a house is stressful. That is where Michael’s calming demeanor was a major factor. Recently, after the major weather event in NH where winds in the area were approximately 60mph, Michael volunteered to check that my house wasn’t damaged. We’re still in the process of moving and weren’t in the house at the time. There hasn't been a time where Michael hasn't surpassed all of my expectations.




I was looking for a vacation home and called several agents to help me. After talking with a few agents, I was already getting the feeling that no one had time to actually help me...everyone seemed to have time to make a quick sale though. Then, I got a return call from Mike. I just figured he  was like all the others, but he at least was willing to talk for a while on the phone with me. As things unfolded during the process of discussions of types of homes, property and options, I was beginning to see that Mike was more interested in my well being than making a quick sale. My bottom line experience with of a kind. Mike answered my emails and text's day or night. He spent countless hours with me reviewing homes and visiting properties. I literally could not have asked for anyone to be more helpful. I'm a very difficult person to deal with at times, and buying a home pushing my level of difficulty off the charts. Mike handled me like I was part of his family, and I'm not exaggerating. Mikes bottom line is to see someone extremely satisfied with their purchase, and he nailed it with me. He is worth every dollar, and he not only has real estate experience, but life experience in helping make a decision. Mike and his organization are top notch...everyone else is mediocre at best.

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