Littleton NH Homes for Sale

Whether you're looking for access to hiking, skiing, snowmobiling, or other types of outdoor activities, Littleton, NH offers a plethora of locations within minutes. It's low cost of living, makes it a destination for people retiring, purchasing vacation homes or just looking to live in our beautiful mountains. Littleton NH is also the home of Northern Lights Music which serves New England and beyond with its' excellent selection of guitars.

There are 5 exits off Rte 93 which provide great mobility, for just getting around town or commuting to your vacation home in the White Mountains from places south. There are plenty of restaurants for dining to fit any palate. A favorite of locals and visitors is the Littleton Diner, and with New Hampshire being an early consideration in Presidential Politics there's a bench for you out front if you belong to one of the two major parties. 

Littleton, though having a population of around 6000 people, serves about 75,000 people, and because of its' large variety of businesses yields plenty of selection for all your shopping needs. For companies looking for places to locate a new business, these numbers might be a consideration. Residential property taxes are low because a lion's share of the tax base comes from TransCanada Corporation and other commercial ventures. These are just a few reasons to consider Littleton, NH your destination to visit or live.


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